Recruitment Analysis

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Recruitment Analysis

For most people, recruitment is the pathway to employment.

The Department of Employment’s Survey of Employers’ Recruitment Experiences provides insights into recruitment.  The survey results identify what employers are looking for in applicants and how job seekers can better connect with employment opportunities.

Employer survey results and analysis are available for selected areas across Australia and findings about the recruitment process are provided in the links below.

Posters and postcards: Employer advice for job seekers

Summary Papers

Employer Tips for Mature Age Job Seekers Employer Feedback on Lower Skilled Recruitment Recruitment Methods Used by Employers - Report Recruitment Methods Used by Employers - Infographic Improving the Employment Prospects of Mature Age Job Seekers Improving the Employment Prospects of Young Australians Job Search Advice for Workers Facing Retrenchment Improving Employment Prospects for Indigenous Australians Finding Pathways to Employment Reasons Employers Hire an Apprentice or Trainee Looking for a Job – Employer Advice for Young People Demand for Labour in Northern Australia

Versions of selected reports accessible to the vision impaired can be found on the Department of Employment website under Employers' Recruitment Experiences.