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Insights when you need them

The Labour Market Information Portal brings together data from a range of official sources to help you understand your local labour market.

Latest news

  • July 2019 Labour Force Survey data are now available from the Employment Region and Statistical Area 4 (SA4) channels.

  • Internet Vacancy Index data for July 2019 are now available from the Vacancy Report channel. Keep an eye out for the IVI Fact sheet (287.4KB) under the Vacancy Report data files heading, which provides a snap shot of key high-level results from the latest data.

  • The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business is pleased to announce the release of a notional LMIP User Story. This publication demonstrates how to find and use a variety of datasets available on LMIP.

    LMIP User Story (Word) (1.0MB)

Supporting data

Employment Projections

Where will the jobs be in the future? The Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business projects employment growth over the next five years by region, industry, and occupation.

Vacancy Report

Online job advertising levels and trends by region, occupation and skill level are detailed in the monthly vacancy report.

Employers’ Recruitment Insights

The Survey of Employers' Recruitment Experiences is used to monitor recruitment conditions and to provide up-to-date information on regional labour market challenges.

Workforce Shortages

The Department carries out research to identify workforce shortages at the state, territory and/or national level for around 80 occupations.