Vacancy Report

Latest release - June 2015

Over the past three months, there has been a reduction in the number of new job advertisements listed on the Australian JobSearch (AJS) website. This may be as a result of the transition of employment services from Job Services Australia to jobactive. While the number of job advertisements listed on AJS is expected to recover in the near term, IVI data should currently be used with caution.

Headline results

A table showing the headline results from the latest vacancy report.

Graphic representation of the Interenet Vacancy Index in seasonally adjusted and trend terms.


The  Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) declined by 0.9% in trend terms in June 2015, and is 0.3% (or 500 vacancies) lower than the level recorded a year ago. With the decline over the month, the level of vacancies is now 154,400 (or 50.4 per cent) below the March 2008 peak. This suggests that labour market conditions are likely to remain relatively subdued, at least in the near term.

A table showing current level of trend vacancies and monthly and annual change, by state.

Next month's Vacancy Report will be released on Wednesday 19 August 2015.

Data files

Vacancy Report June 2015 (DOCX) IVI Data - January 2006 onwards (XLSX) IVI Detailed Occupation Data - March 2006 onwards (XLS) IVI Regional Data - May 2010 onwards (XLSX) Map of IVI Regions (PDF) IVI Skill Level Data - January 2006 onwards (XLSX)

Please note: this month the Skilled IVI has been replaced by IVI data by skill level, which is based on the classification used by the Australian Bureau of Statistics that measures the skill level of occupations according to the level of educational attainment/experience commensurate with each occupation. Data for the selected occupations included in the former Skilled IVI (Professionals and Technicians and Trades Workers) are still accessible through the ‘IVI_Data – January 2006 onwards’ data file. For more information, please see the explanatory notes in the Vacancy Report.


The IVI is the only publicly available source of detailed data on online vacancies, including for around 350 occupations (at all skill levels), as well as for all states/territories and 38 regions. The IVI is based on a count of online job advertisements newly lodged on SEEK, CareerOne and Australian JobSearch during the month. As such, the IVI does not reflect the total number of job advertisements in the labour market as it does not include jobs advertised through other online job boards, employer websites, word of mouth, in newspapers, and advertisements in shop windows. The IVI also does not take account of multiple positions being advertised in a single job advertisement.

In response to the growing popularity of the Internet Vacancy Index, the Department of Employment releases the monthly Vacancy Report and associated data files by email to frequent users. If you would like to be added to the mailing list please send an email to