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LMIP will be decommissioned in mid-2022. The latest regional and industry employment data, including our research and reports, are available on the new NSC Labour Market Insights website


This report of DES Outcome Rates by Disability Type provides information about the performance of DES providers in each Employment Services Area by primary disability groupings. The report aims to help people with disability, family, carers or others choose a DES provider.

There are a number of factors that should be taken into account when choosing a DES Provider, such as the location of their office in relation to public transport and your home, their Star Ratings or what they say about the services they offer on Connections for Quality.  This Outcome Rates by Disability Type report is just one piece of information to help you decide which provider might be best for you. You can find out more about your local DES providers, including their Star Ratings and Connections for Quality, on the Australian JobSearch website.

If you have any questions please contact the Department of Social Services via email: DES_Performance_Modelling_Evaluation@dss.gov.au

December 2017 (Excel) (3.3MB) June 2017 (Excel) (3.6MB) December 2016 (Excel) (3.5MB) June 2016 (Excel) (2.9MB) December 2015 (Excel) (2.4MB) June 2015 (Excel) (2.4MB)

Labour Market Region and Employment Services Area maps (PDF) (4.8MB)

To access the report you will require Excel 2010 or a more recent version.  If you have Excel 2007 or earlier, no access to Excel or have a Macintosh/Apple computer, then you will need to access the report on Microsoft’s OneDrive:

OneDrive – DES Outcome Rates by Disability Type

Do note that the performance and responsiveness of the report might be lower, as any operation of the report is done over the internet (rather than locally on your computer).

Note: The next DES Outcome Rates by Disability Type report will be for the period to June 2019. This is due to the new DES program starting on 1 July 2018. A June 2018 report will not be published.

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