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Change is coming to how we deliver our labour market information. Over the coming months data and content on LMIP will be moving over to the National Skills Commission (NSC) website. Please subscribe to keep up to date as developments occur. You can see a concept for how content may look on this page. Please send any feedback you may have to LMIP@skillscommission.gov.au

Using LMIP to understand your local region: A user story

This document chronicles the experience of a new LMIP user searching for a variety of datasets, which are required for a business need. For those who are unfamiliar with the extensive content available on LMIP, this may be a useful resource as it demonstrates how to find and use a selection of key datasets.

LMIP User Guide (Word) (1.2MB)

Accessing regional data and mapping

Regional data – with corresponding interactive maps - are accessible from the Explore the data mapping channel. There are two ways to access this information:

1. From the Homepage, use the dual drop-down menus to find a region. Once you have selected a region, click the View charts & maps button.

2. Select the Explore the data menu (top left tab) and use the sub-menus to select a region.

Within the Explore the data mapping channel, you can access a range of charts by clicking on the chart link at the bottom of the data pane. If the data pane is not displaying, simply click on the View data button - located above the map. To select another region, simply pan the map and click on a region, or use one of the above methods.

All data available from the Explore the data mapping channel can be downloaded in Excel files from the Downloads channel.

Difficulties using the LMIP Excel data files

If you are having trouble accessing or using any of the interactive data tools on LMIP, please open our Common Issues file (Word) (57.6KB) for troubleshooting information.

For more help

For all other inquiries, please email the National Skills Commission: lmip@skillscommission.gov.au

Supporting data

Employment Projections

Where will the jobs be in the future? The National Skills Commission projects employment growth over the next five years by region, industry, and occupation.

Vacancy Report

Online job advertising levels and trends by region, occupation and skill level are detailed in the monthly vacancy report.

Employers’ Recruitment Insights

The National Skills Commission surveys businesses to monitor recruitment conditions across Australia and provide insights into what employers are looking for.

Workforce Shortages

The National Skills Commission carries out research to identify workforce shortages at the state, territory and/or national level for around 80 occupations.