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ABS Labour Force

ABS Labour Force data including the latest employment and unemployment data.

Australian Jobs

The Australian Jobs publication presents an overview of the current labour market and highlights the major changes which have occurred, including for industries and occupations.

Department of Home Affairs

This website offers information on visas, immigration, skilled migration and citizenship.

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment's Monthly Leading Indicator

The Department of Education, Skills and Employment's Monthly Leading Indicator of Employment is produced monthly and is based on four weighted time-series variables, which are conventionally viewed as partial forward indicators of changes in cyclical employment.

Job Outlook

The Job Outlook website is a widely used source of information about occupational characteristics and labour market trends. Job Outlook has useful information on more than 1000 occupations, including job tasks, required skills, future prospects, and pay. This is a free resource that can support people at any age or stage of their working life. Job Outlook can help people make decisions about job search, study or further training, and has a number of features that can help people to move into or between jobs.

Skilled Occupation List (Department of Home Affairs)

Information on changes in general skilled migration and links to the list of occupations included in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

National, State and Territory Skill Shortage Lists

Listings of current shortages in each state and territory, and at national level, based on the National Skills Commission's skill shortage research program, which covers around 130 highly skilled occupations.

Occupational Skill Shortage Reports

A suite of publications which provide an overview of the labour market and details of skill shortages, for Australia and for the states and territories. These publications are updated every six months.

Small Area Labour Markets

Estimates of the number of unemployed persons and unemployment rates for approximately 2,100 ABS Statistical Area Level 2s (SA2s) and 550 Local Government Areas (LGAs) across Australia.

Supporting data

Employment Projections

Where will the jobs be in the future? The National Skills Commission projects employment growth over the next five years by region, industry, and occupation.

Vacancy Report

Online job advertising levels and trends by region, occupation and skill level are detailed in the monthly vacancy report.

Employers’ Recruitment Insights

The National Skills Commission surveys businesses to monitor recruitment conditions across Australia and provide insights into what employers are looking for.

Workforce Shortages

The National Skills Commission carries out research to identify workforce shortages at the state, territory and/or national level for around 80 occupations.